Tarmo Koppel’s web page

Tarmo Koppel is a member of the faculty at the business school of Tallinn University of Technology. He earned his doctorate in business administration from the same school (2019). Later he worked at the AI Institute of the University of South Carolina doing post-doctoral studies on virtual assistants and recommendation systems (2021). He also was a short term scholar at the Insight institute of the business school of Georgia State University, which was specialized in machine learning and advanced data analytics (2022).


Tarmo’s current research includes AI applications in business, namely virtual assistants, large language models and decision support systems. Tarmo and his students are focused on integrating AI into business processes by combining generative AI (large language models) with rule-based AI, using Business Process Management models. His previous work has also tackled productivity enhancement, smart workplaces, sensor networks, Internet of things (IoT), health and safety monitoring and risk management.


His teaching activities has included lecturing the following courses: Digital transformation; Digital ecosystem; Software technologies; Artificial Intelligence Tools for Optimizing Enterprise Work Processes during Digital Transformation; Implementation of artificial intelligence in sectors of economy; Foundations of Artificial Intelligence.

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Professional training

Tarmo also regularly conducts advanced training for non-university target groups, including employees of companies and public institutions and other interested parties. Contact for more information.


Tarmo is involved in organizing the following scientific and professional groups and events.

TALTECH BUSINESS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Business AI research and applied studies at Tallinn University of Technology

BUSINESS AI CLUB OF ESTONIA. For those Interested in Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Business

AI AND BUSINESS SOCIETY. International Association of AI Researchers and Developers, Focused on AI Applications in Business.

AI IN BUSINESS. Annual International Scientific Workshop Organized at TalTech. Participation is Free of Charge

AI FOR CREDIBLE ELECTIONS. Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), a regularly held workshop as part of the conference program